Lead Tracking Software from Toreo Data

Toreo Tracker from Toreo Data is a new lead tracking software that drops a code onto your website and lets you explore cleaned and standardized data in a format that’s actionable for analysis. From this you can start to gain insight into the invisible pipeline that’s visiting your site but not filling out contact forms. We have built a powerful tool that will empower your sales team and show you the effectiveness of your website.

Through Toreo Data you can explore which pages are the most visited, which companies are returning visitors, how much time they spend on a page, where are these visitors coming from, and much more. Through existing filters and tables, you will be able to see your potential clients and current clients interests in your product or service and take actionable steps to sell directly to their needs.

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Why Choose Toreo Tracker

  • Use your website for more than advertising and validating your products or services
  • People are looking, you just do not know it
  • Spot businesses expressing interest in your products or services
  • Take away the ‘hope’ that someone will fill in a form , email or call you
  • Give your sales team visibility in to “Anonymously Interested Organizations”
  • View trends and history of what is happening on your website
  • Provided analysis and create a story around an interested party
  • Refine processes to trap and develop outbound messaging
  • Take timely action that based on current interest in products or services shown on your site
  • Validate your sales team activities
  • Ask yourself if your site is saying the right thing?
  • Is it organized in a way that will improve your sales efforts?

Lead tracking software from Toreo Data lets you see into your invisible pipeline

What We Are

  • A Sales Enablement tool
  • An Analysis tool
  • A Data Provider to your organization
  • A method to see, research, and take action on your invisible pipeline
  • A local company – Toreo Tracker was initially built for our internal use, and was based on our frustration with other available tools

What We Are Not

  • A system that identifies individuals
  • An automated action system
  • A Marketing Automation Tool, Emailing Tool, SEO Tool, CRM or SFA
  • A replacement to sales, marketing or current initiatives
  • We want to use our Analytical Consulting Practice to improve the tool and our clients

Toreo Tracker In Action

You work hard daily to send out emails, make phone calls and schedule meetings, but your efforts in sales are only validated when the deal is signed and finalized. This tool will enable you to truly understand the effectiveness of your sales process.

You can see what effect your emails have by keeping tabs on the companies that are coming to your site as a result of your interaction through Toreo Tracker. If you had a successful phone call, you can login to Toreo Tracker and see what pages the company you talked to is exploring. This empowers your sales and allows you to become more efficient in your sales efforts.

It enables your sales team to be agile and tailor the sales message instantly based on the insights gleamed from the offerings and subjects the prospect is interested in while visiting your website.