Fight the Bull in Data Connectivity

How Does It Work?

The Toreo Data SAP BusinessObjects connector is an ODBC driver that charges through the complexities and makes accessing SAP Business Objects as easy as hitting any ODBC data source.

Why Do You Need It?

No more bulls in the china shop. Do your users want to leverage pre-existing work, complex variables and SAP Universes through 3rd party tools that excel in data visualization? Done.

We know you’re thinking this Toreo Data thing is pretty amazing but I need to know more!

It’s cool, we hear you. That’s why we’ve created this FAQ section with the most common questions we’ve been asked about the Toreo Data SAP Connector. Don’t worry though, if it’s not answered here we’ll be happy to provide an answer to even the most complex questions.

About Us

Toreo is known as the “art  of bullfighting” and we’re doing just that with Toreo Data. We believe that your data should be accessible no matter what tools you choose. It’s complicated in the world of business intelligence and we strive to make things simple. Take charge and fight the bull in data connectivity with Torea Data!

We’re business intelligence experts that have been perfecting our craft since 1998. We know our stuff. Through a variety of customer environments and implementation scenarios we’ve collectively built up a wealth of knowledge around data integration and connectivity. Our customers asked us to make this connector, so enjoy!