Toreo Data

We’re the company behind innovation in all things data. Born out of frustration with the current solutions, we set out to create 2 unique offerings that were able to solve our problems internally. We realized that they were so well received by our team and our clients, that we should share them!

Toreo Tracker

Toreo Tracker from Toreo Data is a new lead tracking software that drops a code onto your website and lets you explore cleaned and standardized data in a format that’s actionable for analysis.

About Us

Toreo is known as the “art  of bullfighting” and we’re doing just that at Toreo Data. We believe that your data should be accessible and easy to analyze no matter what tools you choose. It’s complicated in the world of data and we strive to make things simple. Take charge and fight the bull in data connectivity and analysis with Torea Data.

We’re business intelligence experts that have been perfecting our craft since 1998. We know our stuff. Through a variety of customer environments and implementation scenarios we’ve collectively built up a wealth of knowledge around data integration and connectivity. Our customers asked us to make this connector and tracker, so enjoy!